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A Boubird Nanny

Hello, my  name is Alice and I am from Cheltenham in England. For the past two years I have been working as a nursery nurse in a private daycare nursery caring for children between 1 and 3 years old. I also work as a private babysitter, part of a professional agency in the UK. I have my level 3 diploma in the Children's workforce and I am looking forward to continuing down the route of teaching in the Early Years.


Before training as a nursery nurse I worked in a children's adventure playground. My duties were to set up games and organise birthday parties. As a teenager, I volunteered as a Brownie (girl guide/scout) leader. So I know a lot of group games, songs and dances which are similar to the cherished memories I have of my holidays as a child. This is my first year working as a ski nanny and I am enjoying being out in the snow with the children, meeting other nannies for activities and making everyday a new, exciting  experience.

I enjoy creating activities for children which have an artistic element. This could be painting, creating snow animals, igloos and collages. For babies and toddlers I can make interesting treasure baskets and homemade natural paints. I also play the piano and have a grade 8 award in singing, so playtime can often get quite theatrical. I love singing to babies as I rock and soothe them.

I have always had a passion for baking and whipping up delicious meals. I attended the Orchards cookery school in 2023. I can confidently make meals for children, hiding the nutritious vegetables or making them fun to eat. I have also cared for babies during the weening months and I am able to make appropriate meals that slowly encourage different flavours and textures.

When I first arrived in resort, I spent a week in  training as a ski nanny, learning  how to adapt my skills and keep children safe in the snow. 


" We highly commend Alice as a Nursery Nurse, she is attentive and naturally skilled at caring for children. With excellent communication and judgement, she is a valued member of  the team. Always willing to go the extra mile to create positive learning experiences for the children."- Annabel's (Nursery), December 2023.

"Alice has been our regular babysitter for one year since my daughter was a few months old. She carefully followed my instructions for implementing my daughter's routine as she grew. As a nurse I often work nights and Alice would do our daughters bedtime routine. Alice also carried our odd jobs around the house is much appreciated to come home to a clean and tidy house." - Mrs Riley, December 2023.


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