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Alva was born in Switzerland but spent a lot of her life living in different European countries, working with children from diverse backgrounds. She grew up in Portugal where she obtained a diploma as a teaching assistant. She then went to work as a private nanny. Alva speaks French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. She also has a lot of experience of living in the mountains.

I am respectful, private, peaceful, responsible, mature, experienced childcare worker, punctual and polyglot. My aim is to work with children and protect them , teach them new languages, children songs, art and bricolage. I have worked my whole life with children and i am as a Mother and Older Sister to many. I come from a family of 5 and i am the second eldest so i always took care of my younger brothers and sisters. I love to travel, riding bicycle, learning new languages, reading, music and arts. I was born in Switzerland, Geneva and so was my other 2 younger brothers and my youngest sister in canton de Vaud.

- Alva

03/03/2007- 05/02/2008

AU-PAIR – Schuster Family (Luisa, Liliane, julius and Tobias)\ Cloke Family ( Paul, Morritz, Nilz)

As an Au-pair i had the responsibility of cooking, preparing the children to go to school, giving them the breakfast, lunch and dinner, getting them from school and bringing them to their activities, bathing them, changing the dipper, putting them to sleep doing the homework, playing piano, teaching them new languages, cleaning, reading them stories, playing with them, going to the park, doing the laundry, accompany them to the ski resorts and any visit to the farm or children concert musical performances from their school program.

Freiburg, Germany

07/02/2008 – 05/08/2008

AU-PAIR – Au-pair of Dacien, Loraine et Gregoire at a Belgium Family

As an Au-pair i had the responsibility to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, clean, bath the children, prepare the children for bed, go and pick the children at school and bring them back home. Take care and watch the children at their free activities as gymnastic, dance and sports. Watch videos with them, play, read stories and take care of them the whole day and night.

Dinant, Belgium

01/01/2020 – 06/03/2020 – Publier, France

GOVERNESS – Telma Gegovich and Mirco Gegovich - Romeo\ Mateo\ Dylan \ Andrea 

Taking care of 3 Children and a Baby. Waking the Children, clothing them, giving them breakfast, taking the children to school, a 7 year old and a 10 year old handicap Dwarf with a buggy. Taking care of the Baby, feeding him, putting him to sleep. Getting the children from school and serving lunch, taking them back to school. Cleaning the House, laundry, children rooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen. Getting the Children from school, doing the homework with them, playing games, playing with toys, watching cartoons, drawing, playing piano, reading books and in weekends and Wednesdays (no school), going for a walk with them and with the baby. The other child was a 14 year old and i had to supervise him with homework, studies, playing basketball with him. I cooked dinner for the whole family everyday. (I left for i was not given a contract and i was not allowed to have any free day)

07/03/2020 – 21/04/2020 – Prevessin - Möens \ Arthaz - Pont Notre-Dame, France

NANNY – Andreia and Orian Lacour (Noélyse and Aloysia)

I took care of a little girl with 6 years of age and a 10 month old baby. Waking the children, preparing them breakfast and to go to school. Preparing them lunch and bring back the girl to school. Respecting the rhythm of the Baby - Feeding \ Naps Vacuum-clean the 1st floor (only cleaning task that was asked) Helping with the Homework. Organising activities with the children, games, playing with them, craft, colouring, reading them books and singing. The Mother wrote i a recommendation letter. I left for the family changed house and the mother quit her job in Switzerland as she was living further away in Haut-Savoie and no longer in Auvergne Rhone Alpes. (It was during the Covid19 Pandemic)

25/04/2020 – 23/06/2020 – Solothurn , Switzerland

BABY-SITTER – Mme. Methfessel (Amael and Yaris) \ Mme. Maria (Baby Girl named Roha)

Part-Time Baby-Sitter in two Families Helping the Children with their Homework \ Taking care of the children \ Getting the Children from School \ Cooking for the children and supervising them until the mother arrived from work. Cleaning. There were 2 Boys - 7 and 10 years of age. Teaching them Piano \ French \ English. I helped during their situation that followed the Covid 19 restriction laws and the Families asked for my help.

23/02/2018 – CURRENT – Braga, Portugal

PRIVATE CHILD CARE PROVIDER – Grace Neves \ Oteldina Isabel Moreira \ Claudia Araújo \ Viviane e Carlos \ Tânia

Nanny of Cape Verde families. (Laila, Liana, Enzo, Kaiki, Bruna and Gonçalo). As a Nanny i provided professional qualified care services to the children on the demand of the Mothers, this mothers all worked at the same beauty shop so i was connected with them all and i would stay for a long period of time especially with on small Boy from 3 to 5 years of age, whole weekends (especially with the boy and a small girl and her baby sister), many times overnights with all of the children as a Rota Nanny. We would watch cartoons, go out, go to the cinema, do activities and i would entertain the children with games and other cultural and educative activities according to their respective age, prepare meals, give them bathes, cloth them, transport them from and to school and assist them with homework on a punctual basis. I would prepare them for sleeping and would read to them bedtime stories.

Education Braga, Portugal

05/06/2019 – 05/08/2019 – Hodorf \ Glückstadt, Germany

SUMMER ROTA NANNY – Mme Cornelia : Daniel \ Elias - Mme Schäpe : Alva \ Yulia\ Lauren

Taking care of two little orphan boys aged 2 and 4 in the month of August. Feeding them, keeping the cleanliness, dressing, washing, changing diapers, reading them stories, seeing cartoons, colouring, art work as butterfly origami, instruments with shells, doing for them wings with silk and helping them ride bicycle and tricycle, protecting and guarding them, putting them to sleep. Teaching the 2 year old to speak. Keeping this orphans protected, clean and well fed during the summer season. Taking care as a Baby-sitter of three other Children, and working also as a maid helping cleaning their new house.

11/04/2015 – 10/06/2016

CHILD CARE WORKER – Schools André Soares

Previous employment: Contract of 8 months of a school year as an Educational Assistant \ Auxiliary of Education in the Nursery and Basic School of S. Lázaro and 2nd and 3rd Cycle of Basic Education in André Soares School. Childcare Assistant at the Kindergarden, with children with Special Educational Needs i would serve the meal, in the cycle (5th-9th grades) EB (Basic School) 2 and 3 André Soares, and at the Primary School of S. Lázaro, also as a childcare assistant for children with educational needs, and at both schools, as a Vigilant, as a Nurse, and as a Employee of cleaning. It is located in the center of the city of Braga, in the parish of São José de São Lázaro.

Education Praceta André Soares 39, 4715-002, Braga, Portugal


01/08/2009 – 13/06/2010 – Braga, Portugal

Education – University of Minho

Minho's university Applied Foreign Languages and Basic Education Secondary School D. Maria II 2002 - Humanities 12th year Basic Education - Language; Literary Literature and Interpretive Strategies; Elements of Mathematics I; Geography of Portugal; Natural Sciences; Visual and Plastic Education; Physical Education, Language Studies; Elements of Mathematics II; Science of Nature II; Musical Education; Dramatic Expression and Motion; Pedagogy of Childhood;

Final Note : from 1 to 20 = 16 Values
1st year of the Teacher course for Basic Education

25/03/2019 – 07/05/2019 – R. Número 2 21, Aveleda, Braga, Portugal

Childcare Assistant in Education – Centro de formação profissional do Mazagão

Psychological models and stages of child development
Child Development
Communication Process and relational and pedagogical forms of the child Prevention of diseases and accidents in childhood
First Aid - Types of accidents and ways of acting
Accompaniment of children - animation techniques
Follow-up in Nursery and kindergarten - Pedagogical techniques Pedagogical models
Follow-up in Nursery and kindergarten - Content areas
Music and Arts
Dramatic, corporal, vocal and verbal expression
Spaces, materials and equipment - Nursery and kindergarten
Pedagogical activities of the child's daily life
Planning of pedagogical activities and time management
Child development and evolution
Child mental health
Hygiene, health and safety of the child
Techniques of animation - non-verbal communication and expression Techniques of animation - verbal expression
Planning and development of leisure activities
Planning leisure activities - hygiene and health
Planning of leisure activities - meals