Amber is an accomplished social worker. After achieving the career of her dreams and helping so many children and families in the UK, she is now looking for a new experience. Amber wants to develop her skills with the Early Years.

I am 40 years old and have been a Social worker in children’s services for the last 9 years. As such, I am resilient, competent, reliable and hardworking as well as warm, friendly and I like to think - fun.  I consider myself to be flexible and easy-going which allows me to fit into any environment.

I am keen to progress my snowboarding skills and so hopefully this would allow me to do this whilst also taking a break from social work and doing something completely different.

I had the unfortunate experience of breast cancer last year which has changed my outlook on life. I am now fully recovered, and feel that life is way too short not to act on my ideas and make them a reality.


My social work career began in 2011 upon completion of my masters degree but prior to that I undertook various voluntary positions such as with the Victim support service. I was also a mentor for young people and a call handler on a rape crisis helpline. This later progressed to being a crisis worker at a sexual assault referral centre.  Following university, I worked within Child protection for two years and then in a joint investigation team with the police. I branched off into adoption and looked after children for a short time but have spent the last three years working in the fostering environment supporting Foster families and the children & young people in their care.  I was recently told by a Foster parent who was leaving that she thought I was an outstanding Social worker.  This made me immensely proud to receive such recognition.  I think I am dependable and I do what I say I will.  I am also thorough, I have a lot of patience and I work hard to make my relationships work. I am quite determined. 


Listing all of the above I feel very fortunate to have amassed so many varied and rewarding experiences.  I tend to look towards the positives in most situations and then watch them multiply.  I also like to think of myself as morally aware, balanced and kind. This leads me to be respectful and considerate of other people, their situations and feelings.  I come from a low economic background and so I understand the value of money and the importance of hard work. To add to this, I consider myself to be highly motivated and energetic which is an essential attribute to possess around children.  I do not have any children myself but I have a beloved niece (14) and nephew (12) with whom I spend a lot of time.  My nephew is profoundly disabled and so he requires a high level of personal care and supervision which I have been involved in.