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A Boubird Nanny

Hello, my name is Anke and I am twenty years old. I am from a small coastal town in South Africa and I am currently studying for my BA degree in psychology. I hope to one day qualify as a therapist for children.

I have been a private nanny for a family during the last four years, working for them during the evenings, weekends and school holidays. I began looking after a three year old boy and then when his little sister was born, I cared for her from the age of five months old. My duties have been to implement the routine outlined by their parents, prepare the children's meals, take them to their pre-school/after school activities and now I help the oldest child with his homework. 

I have also worked as a holiday nanny accompanying a family on their ski holiday last year. I cared for a one year old boy as his older sister and parents were skiing. I would pick up his sister from ski school, make them lunch and take them outside to enjoy snowy activities. It was this holiday where I decided I wanted to do a season in the mountains. 

My qualifications relating to childcare include a health and social care diploma where I focused my case studies on caring for children. I gained work experience in a nursery and in a children's ward inside a hospital. I learned a lot about government policies, safeguarding, health and safety guidance. I completed a two day paediatric course this year. 

My hobbies include baking and I think I have got quite good at preparing nutritious meals with so much practice other the last few years. I like to be outside as much as possible with sports like football, hiking and skating. I try to give children in my care a space to run, climb and be loud every day. I am very much looking forward to building snowmen and absorbing all the beautiful alpine scenery.


"Nurturing, responsible, intuitive, patient and fun. Her dedication and genuine love for looking after children makes her remarkable." - Megan de Bruyn, employer, Western Cape.

"Good communication skills and perfomance consistently. Eager to learn, diligent and trust worthy, Calm and respectful "- Ms Dekock, professor, South Africa


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