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Hello, my name is Bridie and I am from London. This is my first season in Tignes. Before moving here, I have worked at a nursery school for two years, looking after children between 6 months and 4 years old. I have a good understanding of the EYFS and incorporate learning into the activities I plan for children. I am a very confident, outgoing person and I think this helps to support communication and language development in small children. My aim is for each child to have an exciting story to tell their parents at the end of each day.

 have also worked as a private au pair with a baby, supporting her development into the toddler stages, and helping her working mother. I am confident looking after babies. From milk feeds to weaning, sleep routines and being conscious of their behaviour.

Finally, I have worked as a private tutor, recapping children's homework, helping them learn to read and understand maths. I think I can encourage a child to concentrate, and celebrate success.

I am very excited to be working in Tignes as a nanny, already sledging is my favourite activity. I have passion for art and design so I am keen to look after any children who love to create with different media. 

"Bridie is a much loved member of the team here at Little Foxes nursery. The children are at ease in her care as she is a fantastic role model. We can't wait to hear about Bridie's adventures on her ski experience in the Alps. " - Susan M. Manager at Little Foxes nursery.

""Bridie was a great help to me and cared for my little girl as if she was a much loved family member. She went out of her way to ensure routine was in place. We have so many wonderful memories because of Bridie." - Mrs P, previous employer.

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