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Boubird Childcare was set up by me, Catissa!

I am 29 years old and I come from the South West of England. For over ten years now, I have been working with babies and children of a variety of ages, from different cultural backgrounds in a plethora of settings. 

I have BA Honors degree in Childhood studies & Early Education. 

Whilst studying at Bath Spa University, I also worked in nurseries, schools and children's residential homes. I think my most fun but challenging job was as the manager of the two year olds room at a private nursery school with 32 toddlers to care for! 

Becoming a teacher was always my plan in life, and I still intend on doing so. After university, I developed the 'travel bug', a huge desire to adventure across the world. And so I began working as a private nanny and tutor for international families. I have been very lucky to work in some beautiful countries, but the french alps captured my heart and I now call Tignes my home.

I love to be outside in the nature, teaching children about their environment and using the environment to teach the children. My favourite pedagogies include the Danish Forest School Approach, Montessori and Steiner.

I have cared for many babies, from newborn through the months of milk feeding, weening, crawling and talking. I often support first times mummies in caring for their babies, knowing what to expect and reassuring them. Statutory practice for the Early Years is ever evolving as new research and cultural desires developes. I keep my practise up to date by attending training courses and regular research. 

Every year I am amazed with gratitute for how amazing my job is, caring for children in the mountains. I am very much a proactive manager at Boubird Childcare. 

My Job

1. Safeguard all our children and nannies in resort 

2. Create an open communication space with parents, nannies and holiday agents

3. Organise the most creative, fun and educational activities that create life-long memories!

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