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Hello, my name is Eden and I am from North Carolina. I have several years of childcare experience which began in the USA where I worked as a private nanny with babies and their siblings after school, working through their homework  and getting them ready for bed (2014-2020) I also trained as a dance teacher for young children (2019-2020)

I spent several summers (2011-2016) working in childcare at the Lake Edens Art Festival creating fun activities based on craft and drama.

I am also a qualified lifeguard (2018) and I taught classes of children from 6-10years old.

In December 2020 I moved to Germany with the aim of travelling Europe. Covid put a halt to my plans and so I enrolled into Germany language lessons. I have been working as a private nanny for a lovely family here, caring for their baby and toddler. 

I am very excited to move to the French Alps to progress in snowboarding and skiing. I grew up next to the mountains and I have a college diploma in Education, so working with children in Alpine conditions is something I have a lot of experience in. 

My favourite activities to do with children include getting out into the nature and being creative with forest school activities. I love sledging and outdoor sports games. Inside I enjoy reading stories, baking and painting.