Laura is energetic, bubbly and full of enthusiasm. She originally trained as a pharmacist but began working as a private nanny and has travelled the world ever since. Laura can speak Flemish, French, English and some Spanish!

My name is Laura, a 26 year old Belgium girl living in Spain at the moment. I grew up in a family with 3 brothers and I’ve always been looking after the two youngest ones (twins) while my parents were working. We grew up very independent but we have the best family connection. For me having a family that support me is very important and they did it always.

I will tell you a bit more about me, I’m a very enthusiast, open and honest person. Because I’m Belgian I speak a few languages: Flemish, French, English and a bit Spanish. In life I have 2 passions: Dance and travelling. I’ve been dancing 16 hours in a week and I still love to have some sport every day (Zumba, pilates, gym, run, yoga). With my family we’ve always been traveling a lot so when I was old enough I really had the feeling I needed to go traveling alone. First I went to University and studied Pharmacy. During my studies I learned a lot about medicines but also I learned to be empathic, to work together and adapt to situations and learned to dare to speak in bigger groups.  Last year I graduated as a pharmacist and finally the time had come to go travelling. I started in the Philippines, went to Indonesia and after I went to Australia. Due to COVID I came home this year. Because I love to be in nature I decided to move to Spain instead of Belgium because the city life is nothing I need at the moment.


Some information about my experience....

When I was 13 I started babysitting for other families. Later I started working in a daycare of my aunt with kids between 0 and 3. So I’m used to the little ones already and to be honest, the younger they are the more I love him because you can really care about them and teach and follow them during the first important changes in their life.

When I was a kid I went to the scouts every Saturday and as I got older, I wanted to be a guide for the kids too. So at the age of 18 I started as a guide until I was 23, all different ages. Organised the weekly activities, weekends, Summer camps and my last year I was the responsible of my group.

Next to that I’ve always been a guide in La Petite Merveille, an adventure camps during summer for kids between 5-16. I started as an animator, became sport monitor and ended as a the Campleader.

Last year I was au pair in Australia for a family living in Dunsborough with 3 lovely boys between 3 and 5. I learned them to potty train, learned them how to swim, went to the beach with them every day, bike rides, driving them to school, bedtime stories…. Being the big sister. Since a few months now I’m a babysit in Spain for a family with two lovely girls (6 and 8). Teaching them English and learning Spanish myself.


A long story short, I’m made to work with kids and I’m more then ready to become a new big sister for your family.