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Hello my name in Lina and I am a 23 year old kiwi, travelling the world as an outdoor instructor. I am very passionate about working with children and young adults. I have spent the last few months in Switzerland (Summer 2021), working as a private live-in nanny, caring for a very young baby and toddler aged two years old. It was wonderful to be welcomed into a new family and I am sad to be leaving them. But I have a lot of Europe to see before I return to University and a ski season has been on my bucket list for a while now. I am a keen skier and this season I want to master snowboarding.

For three years (2019-2021) I worked in American Summer Camps. leading large groups of children for hikes, climbing, boating and team building activities. I loved this role and will be heading back to America for another Summer. I thrive in nature and try to engage children in the outdoor world through creative activities. From creating a sensory box for babies to building igloos, I have an outdoor activity for every child. When indoors, I like to create puzzles, make play-dough and lego activities.

In Summer 2018, I gained my TEFL qualification in Italy and I taught a lot of children. My favourite activity was to make up stories with the younger students.

Back in New Zealand, I studied Psychology at University and achieved a BA Hons degree. Once I am finished travelling the world, I would like to become a therapist for children. 

This is my first season in the French Alps, and I am so excited to explore all the activities around the resort. I am most looking forward to swimming in Le Lagon, and can't wait to lap the slides. I am living in the team accommodation in the heart of Le Lac so getting around the resort is going to be very easy for me.

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