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A Boubird Nanny

Hello my name is Lucy and from South Africa. I am a very energetic, creative and passionate person
with a can-do, positive attitude. I am very passionate about childcare and am committed to providing a safe, nurturing and educational environment for the children in my care. I am excited to share my experiences and love for working with children.

Before coming to  France, I was working in a pre-school caring for children aged 0-4 years old. My creativity shines through when working with babies and toddlers. I enjoy engaging in artistic and expressive activities like finger painting, colouring and imaginative play. I also love outdoor play, dancing to music, solving puzzles, building with blocks and sharing storybooks to foster their imagination. With babies, I like making exploration baskets, singing and dancing.


During my time at university, I worked as an Au Pair for a small baby just a few months old. This was a good learnig experience for me as I worked very closely with her mother to support their breast-feeding routine and then weening onto solid food. I like working with small babies because their smiles and giggles are infectious. I also like working  closely with parents and witnessing a family grow together.


I also have experience working with older children. In high-school, I joined the SMILE community service outreach project, where I worked with grade one students from an underprivileged school to improve their English skills. Working with children from a completely different background, who spoke a completely different language and had a completely different lifestyle and witnessing their growth in both English proficiency and confidence was incredibly rewarding. I also volunteered as a full-time assistant in Rotary’s Capy Quality program, supporting children ages 8-16 who have or had cancer. The program’s mission was to provide these children with a fun-filled escape from their health challenges. 

 For older children, I combine physical and educational activities. I like creating stimulating adventure races and treasure hunts, involving children in cooking and baking and I enjoy interactive card and board games. Outdoor ball games and fort-building are also among some of my favourite activities.


Having grown up on the edge of the Blyde River Canyon and Kruger National Park in South Africa, nature, wildlife and conservation have always been a center-point in my upbringing. I enjoy cooking, traveling, meeting new people and making art. I find many children enjoy these activities too. I can be creative when planning activities and I have many stories to enhance their interest and add depth to task. 

As the designated baker in my household, I love creating hands-on-treats such as cookies, cupcakes and brownies.  I have honed my culinary skills and I have become quite experimental with different dishes and recipes. I love making different types of pastas, soups and wraps.  For children, I’m skilled at whipping up beloved classic dishes such as pastas, sandwiches and pizza, sneaking in nutrition wherever possible.

I am very excited to be working in the mountains, building snowmen, sledging and enjoying nature. This experience of working with different families from all over the world will be beneficial to my career. 


"Lucy is a confident young women who easily engages with children and adults alike. Her quick wit and intelligence are engaging and magnetise people. Her contribution to a group dynamic makes other feel safe and assured. She has a kind and warm nature which has a calming influence on those around her. Lucy  is sensible, caring, kind, careful and mindful. I commend Lucy to anyone who considers her for a position of employment. She is exceptional, unique, self-assured gem of a young women."- Manager,  Sharon van Reenen, White River pre-school.

"Lucy cared for my one year old and four year old child. on weekends and after school. I work alongside her at a pre-school. Lucy is caring, compassionate and has an excellent work ethic. I feel at ease knowing my children are in her care. She has a positive, can-do attitude and goes above and beyond to help me and be a positive role model. She very often picks up my son from football club and gives fantastic feedback about her time with my children."  Unenceba Magagula, parental employer/colleagure, White River.


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