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A Boubird Nanny

Hello, my name is Madeell, I am25 years old, from South Africa. I am an experienced and responsible Au Pair with a passion for childcare and child safety. I am committed to providing quality care for children while guaranteeing their safety and well-being at all times. I am skilled in communication, time management, and creating fun and educational activities for children of all age groups. I Madeell is a 25 year old graduate from Nelson Mandela University where she studied 2 degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Design and a Post-graduate degree in Early Education.

During my high school years and throughout my first year of university, I dedicated 2 hours each week, primarily on Sundays during church services, to provide childcare for children ranging from 3 to 13 years of age. This involvement also extended to working with children from underprivileged backgrounds, allowing me to give back to the community. My responsibilities during these sessions included establishing a secure environment for the children, organizing engaging activities, and ensuring their basic needs, such as restroom breaks and snack times, were met.

Subsequently, I embarked on my initial full-time childcare experience as a live-in Au Pair for the Els Family in Cape Town, South Africa, spanning from November 2021 to December 2022. In this role, I offered comprehensive care for Etienne (aged 13) and Leo (aged 4). My duties encompassed assisting with homework, devising, and implementing educational activities, preparing nutritious meals, and managing their daily schedules.

My most recent childcare position was with the Stajnko Family in Maribor, Slovenia, which commenced in July 2023 and concluded in December 2023. I was entrusted with the care of their two young children, Pika-Dora (3 and a half) and Brin-Jasa (6-12 months). My responsibilities in this role included picking them up from daycare, providing wholesome and well-balanced meals, overseeing bathroom breaks and diaper changes, orchestrating nap times, and engaging them in various enjoyable activities, ranging from playtime to arts and crafts.

When back home in Cape Town, I also work  for  a babystitting agency, caring for children of all ages. I have worked with Hopscotch agency on a flexible basis for five years.

I derive great joy from engaging in a variety of activities with toddlers to foster their development and create cherished memories. These activities encompass:

• Engaging in arts and crafts, allows toddlers to unleash their creativity and enhance hand-eye coordination. This includes activities like coloring, finger- painting, and simple drawing games such as connect the dots.

• Encouraging outdoor and physical playtime, providing toddlers with an opportunity to move their bodies, enjoy the outdoors, develop motor skills, and expend their energy.

• Promoting imaginative play and storytelling through activities like pretend play, involving dolls, action figures, or other beloved toys.

• Utilizing music and dance as a means for children to express themselves in an enjoyable and physical manner, while also refining their coordination and rhythm.

• Reading books featuring captivating illustrations and simple narratives to introduce toddlers to language and ignite their imagination.

I thoroughly enjoy engaging with children and encouraging their physical expression through activities like dancing and imaginative games. Arts and crafts are a particular favorite, allowing children to visually express themselves. I also relish the experience of cooking and baking with children, as it not only instils an early familiarity with the kitchen but also enhances their hand-eye coordination skills.


"Madeell works as an adhoc babysitter for my agency in Cape Town. She has  developed a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy and a fantastic role model for the children. Madeell thrives in childcare."- Cara, Hopscotch.

This letter serves to confirm that Ms Madeell was my Au Pair from July 2023 till first week of December 20223looking after my 2 kids now aged 4 and 1 years old. Her duties included, but not limited to, fetching my children from home to school and collecting them from school to home in the afternoon. Madeell would often go beyond and above her work duties and was always willing to go the extra mile for us as a family. Madeell was a pleasure to work with and we'll miss her dearly. She is reliable, friendly and a good planner. Enthusiastic at all times which demonstrated her love for her job, we all adored her! She is also a humble young lady with a positive attitude. I would highly recommend her as an Au Pair to any family." - Montshabi 


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